Photo Gallery

If you can't be there, you can take comfort in knowing someone is visiting your loved one and bringing a cheery smile to their day.


Reminiscing, as we enjoy the sunshine.

Tea Party

Enjoying tea parties with assorted teas, scones, cream and jam, complete with an antique tea set from my grandmother. Great way to feel special and enjoy some yummy snacks.


Queen Esher Rules. Dress-up can be a great way to have fun at a party or Halloween event. I own some wigs and have a dress up box that I am glad to share.


Creativity can be stimulated through painting and ceramics is a favorite activity. Ceramics can be a great project that they can complete in one to two visits.

Jenn & Helen

Having fun visiting in clients home, while doing some odd jobs & painting around the house.

Jennifer & Anita

Visiting clients that are bedridden and having a great time.

Jenn & Anita

Planting seeds in the spring can be a very rewarding experience for your loved one. With continued watering, watching the seeds germinate and grow can add joy to their day.

Jennifer & Ian

Going for walks, enjoying nature and taking lots of rests as needed.